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Mental Health

Image by Greg Rakozy
Image by Benjamin Davies

Feeling overwhelmed?

Free, in-clinic counselling

46,000 Canadians took an online questionnaire from Statistics Canada:

24% of participants reported fair or poor mental health

88% of participants experienced at least one symptom of anxiety


Over half of participants reported that their mental health had worsened since the onset of physical distancing.

Youth were more likely to report worsening mental health since physical distancing began.

Tips for Caring for Your Mental Health:
  • Keep a regular routine: manage your daily schedule so that you are not overloaded with tasks

  • Keep active: exercise reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Make time to have fun: go outdoors, turn off electronics, go for a hike, pack a picnic

  • Stay connected: engage with family and friends

  • Breathe:  slow down, take a minute to reset

  • Get your sleep: turn off your devices one hour before you turn-in to allow complete relaxation

  • Consider using apps which can help you meditate and manage stress. Some examples are:

    • 'Calm'​

    • 'The Breathe Project'

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