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Updates from Dr. Savoia will be posted here.

April 2024

We've been getting lots of questions asking if Dr. Savoia is retiring... Dr. Savoia has no plans to retire in the next 5 to 7 years.

Unfortunately, she cannot accept any new patients at this time.

February 2023

It has been quite a fall and winter. We have been overwhelmed with influenza, RSV, and ongoing COVID. I hope you have tried to keep up with your vaccinations. It is particularly important to get your influenza vaccine this year as it appears this years' flu strains are particularly nasty.

Paxlovid is still available if you are eligible. The criteria are listed here and you do need a positive home/PCR test to qualify. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Generally, the management of these conditions is as always: rest, fluids, acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fever/headahces, saline spray for sinus congestion, and if cough is problematic, and a dextromethorphan cough syrup may help.

When to be worried:

  • fever that lasts longer than 3 days

  • shortness of breath

  • chest pain

  • sinus pressure/headache that lasts longer than 7-14 days

  • sore throat that lasts longer than 3 days

If you are unsure, please call us or our after-hours service before going to the ER, as wait times are long.

It is not unusual for patients to have prolonged dry cough, nasal congestion and fatigue after these infections. If you otherwise feel well (ie. no fever, chest pain, or shortness of breath), hang in there! These symptoms gradually improve.

As always we are here to support you!

August 2022

To my patients,

I hope you are having a lovely summer and staying cool.

I wanted to update and remind you of some recent developments.

Paxlovid and Remdesovir are two treatments which lessen the severity of infection. The eligibility for these treatments are directed to immune-compromised individuals of any age or vaccine status (having received chemotherapy currently or within the last year), and those over 50 with pre-existing conditions including diabetes, heart, lung and kidney disease and obesity, depending on the degree of vaccine status. The full criteria are listed here:    


I have had patients who have told me what a big difference this medication has made in their recovery. The medication must be started within the first 5 days of symptoms. So, if you test positive for CoVid 19 on a home rapid antigen test, and you believe you qualify, please contact the office or send an email to  I will assess your eligibility for the vaccine and send a prescription to your pharmacy.  If you do not have access to a rapid test, I can arrange for you to have a PCR test done if you would qualify for treatment.  If you have a negative home test, please repeat it 24 hours later and if negative again, but you suspect you have CoVid, I can also arrange a test for you if it could qualify you for treatment.  I know this is confusing but if you have questions, please contact us.

Fourth doses of CoVid 19 vaccine are now available to everyone (five months following your last dose and/or three months from CoVid 19 infection).  Many of you are wondering if you should bother to get this dose, or when would be the best time to get it. My simple advice is this:  CoVid 19 is not going away; new variants of more contagiousness/severity are likely to develop over the winter, compounded by the usual influenza season; and our immunity either from vaccine or actual infection, which lessened the severity of illness, is waning.  So, yes, get vaccinated, prior to the fall when we all move inside and kids are back to school, particularly if you are over 50, or are immune compromised of any age (COPD or moderate asthma, chronic heart or kidney disease, obesity, have had cancer or chemotherapy in the last year, or diabetes).  Our health system cannot stand up to another winter like we had in 2020/21.  Get boosted for yourself, and for others as well. Book your appointment at AHS online booking tool.

As of August 2, 2022, children as young as six months can receive the CoVid vaccine.  This is a very difficult decision for parents, but I do think it is important to protect our children particularly with a new school year upon us.  The risk of long CoVid in children is also a very real concern.  If you wish more information specifically about the vaccine in children, go to or frequently asked questions for reliable information.

Monkey pox vaccine is available to at risk populations over 18 years now in Alberta. Alberta Health announced the criteria, and if you believe you qualify, call 1-866-301-2668.

And lastly, we have all heard about our emergency wait times being pushed to unsafe levels, of 10-20 hours in some cases.  Obviously, if you have a life-threatening emergency, go to your nearest ER department.  If, however, your medical issue is not acute or life threatening or requiring immediate treatment, please consider calling the office, sending us an email, calling 811 to be referred to our after-hours Access 365 clinic or an urgent care centre.  I will do my best to help, whether it is advice, a virtual call or an in-person visit.

March 2022

Despite the removal of many COVID protocols by our government, we still ask you to wear a mask in our office. COVID, if anything, is on the rise and people are still getting very ill from it. So please continue to mask in the office, for your health and the health of Dr. Savoia, Barb, and their other patients. 

We are seeing more people in person now, but will continue to offer virtual visits for medical concerns which do not require an examination.

If you have not gotten your 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine, please do so. Think of each dose as another layer of protection from serious illness.

December 2021

COVID 19 Vaccination for Children

You may be unsure about vaccinating your children with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Please be reassured that millions of children have been vaccinated worldwide, with no reported adverse events. Children are receiving 1/3 of a adult dose of the vaccine and the mechanism of action does not alter DNA or cause any other permanent effects. If my children were still young, I would get them vaccinated without question. Please protect them, their classmates, their teammates, and your family members by getting them vaccinated. Let's keep our kiddos safe!

Third Doses

Third doses of the COVID vaccine are now recommended for all people over 18 years of age (in a phases format). Although many call this a booster, think of it as completing your vaccination series. Many vaccines require 3 doses for full immunity and it is clear that immunity wains 6 months following the second dose. Particularly with new strains emerging, it is even more important to keep ourselves as protected as possible. Please get your third dose when you qualify. Thank you!

September 2021 - The Fourth Wave

This 4th wave of the pandemic has been fueled by the unvaccinated, by the removal of masking/social distancing, and the incredibly contagious Delta variant. Now, surgeries (ie. for cancer or joint replacements for end-stage arthritis) have been cancelled to accommodate the severely ill unvaccinated population in our hospitals. 


If you have not been vaccinated, you are 10x more likely to end up in hospital or ICU than those who have been vaccinated.


GET VACCINATED FOR YOURSELF AND FOR THOSE AROUND YOU. You are making a choice which is negatively impacting all of us. I implore you. Do the right thing.

Dr. Savoia

October 2021 - Latest News Update 

I am SO happy to report approximately 90% of my patients have had one or two doses of COVID vaccine at this time. This is more than the reported number for the city, the province, and the country. Thank you for protecting yourselves and others! You are AWESOME! To the remaining 200 of you who have yet to get the vaccine, I hope you will reconsider your decision to not be vaccinated. In order for travel, visiting with family and friends, and the ongoing freedom we are currently enjoying again to continue safely, all of us need to be vaccinated. See the bottom of this webpage for common vaccine myths and explanations.



May, 2021

To my patients,

I encourage all of you who have yet to get your vaccination for Co-Vid 19, to PLEASE do so.  

As of May 10, 2021, all Albertans over 12 years can receive the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccine.  I have spoken to many patients regarding many misconceptions, unfounded and unscientific claims and downright falsehoods being spread through social media.


The vaccines were not released without proper studies involving hundreds of thousands patients.  The speed of the release was possible due to many countries working together, and clearing the red tape normally involved in releasing new vaccines.  I promise you there is no micro-chip in the vaccine, it will not lead to infertility and the risk of VITT (blood clots) is smaller than the chance of you getting hit by a car crossing the street (1/5000).  Our only hope of getting our personal lives, our economy and our world back to normal is that we all get vaccinated.  You have received your childhood vaccines without question in your early years, and now we do not have polio, small pox and only rare cases of measles/mumps and chickenpox.  HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT?

There are so many illnesses we cannot control or prevent, despite our best efforts. This vaccine can prevent over 90% of serious illness and death from Co-Vid 19.  I recently lost a patient to Co-Vid 19.  It was devastating for this family and for myself.  I don’t want to mourn any more patients due to this disease!  

My job as your family doctor is to treat the sick and to try to help keep you healthy and prevent disease.  PLEASE, help me by getting vaccinated for yourself and your families. If you had Co-Vid during this past year, you must still get the vaccine in order to prevent re-infection. If you wish to discuss your concerns about the vaccine, I would be happy to do so.  Please call Barb and set up a virtual visit.  I have included links below to book your vaccination.  

You can book through AHS online or through participating pharmacies.

If you have already been vaccinated, I thank you for doing your part for keeping yourself and everyone safe. In the meantime, continue to practise social distancing and adhere to the guidelines and restrictions outlined by our provincial government.  Like you, I look forward to hugging my extended family and friends and enjoying concerts, gatherings and travelling again.  Let’s make it happen!

Thank you and take care,
Dr. Savoia and Barb

Vaccine Mythbusters

COVID is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. 99% of those hospitalized currently are not vaccinated.

Myth: With the variants emerging, there is no point getting vaccinated.


False. Fortunately, to date, two doses of mRNA are extremely effective at preventing death and hospitalization due to the variants of interest. Two doses of either Moderna or Pfizer are greater than 90% effective for both the UK Delta and Gamma variants. I have had vaccinated patients test positive on rare occasions with very mild symptoms.

Myth: The risk of allergic reaction to the mRNA vaccine is too high for me to risk getting it.

False. True allergy/anaphylaxis to the vaccine is extremely rare (2-5/1 million people). You can expect mild reactions such as a sore arm, mild flu-like illness including muscle pain, fever, diarrhea for 2-3 days, lymph node swelling (in the armpit, collarbone, or neck).

Recently there are concerns with younger males (under 30) developing myocarditis/pericarditis after vaccination. These episodes occur rarely (1/14000 - 1/17000) and resolve within 2-4 weeks with anti-inflammatories with no lasting problems.

There is no increased risk of blood clots with the mRNA vaccine.

Some of my patients have had temporary (1-2 months) of menstrual disruption (ie. spotting, no period, an extra period). This is not a cause for concern. Your body is pressing pause while it works on making antibodies and bolstering your defenses to COVID.

Myth: If you had COVID you don't need to be vaccinated.

False. I have had patients who have gotten COVID twice. When you get COVID, your body makes antibodies, but not necessarily specific to the distinct unique spike protein on the COVID virus. The vaccine specifically creates long-lasting immunity specific to the COVID virus and its variants.

Myth: I am young and have no health problems. I'll be fine even if I get COVID.

False. The hospitalizations in the 4th wave were primarily younger people (< 60 years of age who have not been vaccinated). We don't know how anyone will react to the virus regardless of age. The other consideration is long-hauler symptoms - perhaps you are not hospitalized or die, but you are left with prolonged brain fog, fatigue or shortness of breath. This would mean you cannot work, travel, or play sports. Your quality of life could be compromised during your prime years.

Myth: The vaccine causes infertility and other completely random effects.

False. There is absolutely no physiological basis in the crazy ideas being perpetuated by social media. I realize there is considerable mistrust of government and even of health authorities. Please believe me as your doctor that the best and currently only way to protect yourself from the serious consequences of this virus is to get vaccinated.

Myth: Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine will prevent COVID infection.

False. Ivermectin, a deworming agent, will not rid your body of the virus, nor will hydroxychloroquine, a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis. These medications are more likely to cause heart arrhythmias than save you from COVID.

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